Elizabeth Pouret

Certified Coach, Writer and Motivator

What makes me special

I’ve had a good long hard look at myself and can tell you that what love doing is helping others.

Time and time again when I look at what motivates me it is getting others to a space of productivity, energy and a feeling that anything is possible.

Some might call me a ‘go getter’, others ‘driven’ but in the end it is the results that count. 

I’ve worked as a waitress, sales person, trainer, project manager, librarian, business analyst, IT architect, English teacher, call centre operator, taste tester and over the last 4 years added coaching to my list of fun careers.

Trained with the ‘Harvard’ of coaching institutions, Erickson International, I developed my skills in listening and asking powerful questions to an ICF level to get the most out of my Client’s own abilities whilst ensuring I keep up-to-date with the most relevant tools, techniques and information to make your experience valuable and – memorable.

If you need energy and some ‘spark’ in your business organise a call with me to get a feel of how working with me is really like and how small actions can make a huge difference when trying to reach your goals.

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