Business Starter Programme

Yes, it gets lonely and you might feel like it is just you that has to take on all the burdens of owning and running a business.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

Imagine having a trusted advisor who is impartial, neutral, and tells you how it is. Through powerful questions and pointed exercises, you will start to see things differently, empowering you to try new things to move you and your business to new possibilities.

The 3 month business starter programme guides you through the needed steps to get started. With fortnightly exercises and tailored homework, you will have the opportunity to ask all those ‘silly’ questions! 

What difference will that make to your mindset, day to day outlook, and bottom line?

The programme runs for 3 months where you are guided, step by step, on what’s needed to start up or ramp up your business.

We’ve worked with a vast range of industries, from small jewelry businesses to new technology startups – there is no business we can’t help.

If you want to find out more about this exclusive programme, fill in the below form to receive a free business starter workbook.

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Ultimate Business Planner

Inside the workbook you’ll get some of the extra tools and guides I give to clients who normally sign up for my 1-on-1 workshops. I do this so you know that this programme is not for everyone. It is for those who are hungry, thirsty, and just want to get going. 

No excuses, no ifs or buts. We start and get going from session one. 

I’ve just started offering this workbook free so that you can begin to see the areas in your mindset and business that need some work. Uncover the blindspots and start accelerating towards your business goals. 

Download your Business Starter Workbook for free which is worth $97 USD today from a regular price of $167 USD! You never know, this could be the start of a working relationship for the next 3 months!

The Workshop

The Business Starter workshop is only offered to 5 people at any one time. Due to the fact that we offer virtually ‘anytime calls’ and provide personalised support and advisory services to your business, unfortunately 5 people is all we can cater for at this moment in time. 

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, then I know you are going to get all these and more out of the Business Starter Workshop.

If you join this unique programme you will get:

6 months of support.

Introduction call and analysis.

5 x 1 hour personalised video calls.

Recorded sessions for your convenience to go back and replay.

Personalised homework after each session.

A personality assessment to assess how you operate at your best (if you wish!).

A workbook to support you on your journey.

Virtual ‘anytime’ calls - I’m there when the need arises. I’ll make time for you. 

A dedicated Signal or WhatsApp group for fast brainstorming or Q&A.

Feedback, strategies, recommended resources and action items.

Introductions to other business owners to take you to the next level.

Up to 2 additional 20 minute scheduled Zoom calls a month.

The Benefits

Get on the waiting list for this amazing programme by booking a consultation call to find out if you're eligible for this amazing programme.

You’ll have access to all my resources including international connections with other ambitious leaders and professionals who can help you depending on your needs.

You run the show. Sometimes you’ll need brainstorming, other times it may be deep coaching, you may even need us to go through a strategy together – whatever it is, you’ll have the confidence and piece of mind that you’ll be working with a bespoke service provider who is trained and experienced in elite coaching and consulting.

Every session has a theme which helps guide the conversation or aims to insight progress. Use the sessions anyway you want – you’re in control of the session and what you need at that moment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I know you’re wondering how much all of this costs. Afterall, when you’re just starting out, you may not have a huge budget to spend on a business advisor and coach. This is where I like to ask clients what they will be getting from 6 months of personalized coaching. A message away, I make time for my clients and we do what you want to progress your business goals.

Just ask some of my previous clients about the leaps and strides they’ve taken personally and professionally that wouldn’t have been possible without the unique tools and techniques equipped from this programme. You’d be encouraged to think outside the box for creative solutions, and receive the push you’ve been waiting for to jump out of your comfort zone and put them into action.

Other coaches and consultants charge over $15,000 for a programme such as this and even then it is not as personalised or focused as ours.

If you are lucky enough to get through the initial interview and you are the type of ambitious person we work with, you will go on the waitlist of those who want to start as soon as possible.

Yep, we’re full. Being a word of mouth business, we thrive on the positive feedback and aim to exceed expectations! And that’s what we do – and we do it well!

After you’re selected and it’s time to start the programme, the charge is $5997*.

It’s not only a financial investment but an investment in your energy.

You can always earn another dollar but you can’t get back time. In saying that, after the first month, if you are not 100% satisfied I will refund your money, no questions asked!

Every session provides you an opportunity to supercharge your business. From mindset to goal setting through to website audits, marketing, and business development – whatever the topic, we can cover it and you will have a bucket full of ideas and tasks for when you get off the call and get back to your ‘real world’. An actionable plan – with a trusted advisor every step of the way.

*All prices are in US Dollars. For Australian and New Zealander Clients we charge in Australian Dollars for programmes and workshops.

Fill in the form below and book in a consult call now. I can’t wait to find out more about you and what you’re doing. Let’s get started, because there is no time like the present.