“Make my heart go boom, boom”
Maintaining Passion in What You Do

Maintaining passion in what you do | EP Consulting

Day in day out. The same people, the same issues, the same, same, same!

It is enough to drive anyone crazy. Or at least make them feel disillusioned, unmotivated and lacking in the drive to keep on keeping on. You know, that lack-lustre feeling where anything is more exciting than what you’re currently doing in that moment!

We are not all lucky enough to choose our dream jobs or businesses from the get go. It’s only through trial and error, self reflection and time that makes us re-think or re-evaluate our choices.

Here are the top 4 ways I’ve found to help re-motivate, and reinvigorate your heart and head – and make it go ‘boom boom’ once again.

1. Have an affair

Yep, you can read it again and it won’t change. Perhaps I should add, have an affair with ‘an activity’.

Elizabeth Gilbert in her book, Big Magic, suggested to keep the motivation and the spirit alive in your [project], create moments where you can sneak away, like you’re having an illicit affair, and spend time with your passion. Whether it’s a hobby, something new that you want spend time exploring or tinkering away at take that time – secretly.

Create time away from your routines and people you normally associate with and ‘secretly’ spend time working on something else! The spark will reignite you (boom boom) and who knows what ideas, connections and actions you will take.

“Shhh” – I won’t tell anyone.

2. Try the dramatic

I recently coached a business owner who was feeling less than enthused about her 15 year strong business.

She decided to try the dramatic and put it up for sale. Yep – big move! The end result – she decided that rather than all in, or all out -she partnered with an interested party who wanted to buy her out 50%. She consults back to her own business and is taking it on a month by month basis.

Another Client was 1.5 years into his dream job. He tried the dramatic and applied for a similar job to his own on the other side of the country. The result – he realised that he actually had it pretty good and that by talking to recruiters he had great marketable skills. The world was his oyster. It was just the confidence boost or ‘boom boom’ to step up in his current post, expand his influence and make the best of the relationships he had already fostered. It’s amazing what a self confidence boost can do to the fire in your belly!

3. Collaborate with a competitor

Nothing like making your heart go a little ‘boom boom’ by reaching out and partnering in a small way with a business or personal idol.

It is funny that almost always, you’ve got something that you can give them. Something valuable which can be exchanged. A meeting of minds, ideas or just a different perspective can force you out of your comfort zone. Try reaching out to an old mentor or idol and see how you can help each other.

What’s the worst that can happen? At least you’re not bored out of your brain!

4. Learn something new

There have been numerous studies on how learning something new can alleviate stress and anxiety. So instead shaking your head in despair and going out for that 7th coffee today, jump online and see what new hobby, skill or activity you can take up to reinvigorate your mind, body and energy.

Perhaps come join us at the next TheGrowCo Ready, Set, Sell workshop series to get that business idea off the ground? (Shameless self promo).

Added bonus, the skills you develop, people you meet along the way might just be what gives you the next new idea, next new step to take in the journey called ‘life’.

What tickled you’re fancy? Is there anything else you can think of or you can start doing outside your own head? What advise can you give to others to relight spark? Comment below to start the conversation.

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