Motivation Meetups

High achieving individuals and teams have ways to keep up their energy and motivation. The ability to verbalize a plan and come up with smaller tasks to chunk it down is a key trait.

Time passes, but are you using it effectively? What do you need to get going and keep going? What would getting on a video call with a trained coach and motivator do to your morale and drive to reach your goals or reach new heights?

Many strive for success, but few reach it in isolation.

Perhaps what you need is someone who will be in your corner, each and every week

This is a unique service offering for solopreneurs or leaders who need:

  • Someone who will listen when they need to but also ask the hard questions.
  • Someone who is neutral and objective and will be there to serve you not please you. 
  • Someone to brainstorm and problem solve.
  • Someone who can play the role of mentor and trusted advisor .
  • Someone who can be a trusted advisor over time.
  • Someone who is experienced in the world of business and can provide the tools and techniques to help when the need arises. 
  • Someone who is qualified to be a performance and leadership coach. 

The opportunity to meet for 30 minutes on a weekly basis is reserved for leaders and individuals who have already completed the leadership coaching program or business starter programme. 

Alternatively, secure your spot on the waiting list by filling out the following questionnaire:

Motivation Meetups start at $107 per 30 minutes and can be purchased on a month to month basis.

It’s an affordable investment that will ensure that you have someone in your court the entire time.

What you’ll get if you’re accepted to be one of the 5 people per month to be a part of Motivation Meetups:

  • 30 minutes a week with Elizabeth via GoogleMeet or Zoom.
  • Opportunity to to meet and connect with other members of the community (similar individuals with the same goals and motivators as yourself).
  • Homework each week which aims to push you out of your comfort zone and reach your milestones faster.
  • Random checkin’s to make sure you’re on track.
  • Access to the tools and resources Elizabeth has used to help 100’s of small business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate executives progress their personal and professional plans.

Become one of the few lucky ones to be part of this inner circle of doers. What will you accomplish in 3 or 6 months of intensive motivation meetups?

Your first step is pressing the button below – what are you waiting for?