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COMING SOON – eBook – Not another meeting! Make Meetings Great Again


I know, I know, another meeting.

Meetings were bad enough in person and now they are mostly virtual. Even if you’ve gone back to the office, chances are there is still someone who needs to dial in. Damn.

BUT WAIT! What if you had a special arsenal of tools to make meetings great again?

Your colleagues want to attend your meetings because, they are cool, fun, engaging and they don’t know what they are going to expect when they arrive.

Your heralded a genius, innovator and just all round amazing person because you added this extra spice to your meeting!

“Yes!” I hear you say.

Well this e-Book is for you!

I wanted to use my 10+ years’ experience in the corporate world to talk to my peers and some of the more creative folks in our community and come up with this boring busting toolkit for you all.

My mission is to make meetings great again – and it all starts here.