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eBook – So you want to be a Coach

So, you want to be a Coach? Woohoo! Just knowing what you want to do in this big world is already a big step. What now?

This e-Book is aimed to guide you through some of the most fundamental steps when you are thinking of going freelance and beginning the journey of entrepreneurship. Being your own boss is rewarding but hard work – especially when you don’t know where to start and ultimately, if it will work!

In this, no fluff, e-Book you will be asked some of the more difficult questions to help you focus on the end game, what you want to achieve and why you are going down this path – so that when things get tough (and they will) you will keep going.

I started my coaching journey over 5 years now and this is my gift to the Coaches out in the world who need some steer on the first 90 days of starting your own business. All of the content in this e-Book is drawn from my personal business story and also the experiences of the strong, tireless and ambitious business owners out there that I have coached through the set up and ramp up phases of their ventures.

‘So, you want to be a Coach’ e-Book is designed to be a companion to your business. Read it and do the work in the exercises – and refer back to your notes. Believe me  – it is this work you do now that will be your ‘north star’ and guide you back to your path when you’re lost or feeling that it’s all a bit too hard.

You’re not alone and there are many who have reached where you want to reach and go where you want to go. Let’s start today.