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Say ‘hello’ to change and ‘au revoir’ to the rest

Say 'hello' to change and 'au revoir' to the rest

Say hello to change | EP Consulting

Hello and a big welcome to 2020!

I wanted to write a note to all my Clients – past and present to wish you all a wonderful 2020 filled with health, happiness and prosperity in all that you will endeavour this year.

2020 is a big year for EP consulting as my family and I have made the decision to move from Paris, France to Perth, Australia. After 4 amazing years here in Paris, the time has come to say ‘au revoir’ to the baguettes, pain au chocolates and charcuterie (all of my favourite things) and ‘hello’ to sunshine, beaches and a whole lot of space.

For a few of you, we will be continuing our coaching via Zoom, live from the ‘land down- under’, and for the rest, I hope to hear stories of your successes and as always, I am not too far away to help and add value to your business, team or personal goals.

Starting new again is something I am all too familiar with. Moving country, changing careers, starting a family, learning a new language, finding new friends and starting a new business are all big changes filled with nervous excitement and a hope for better things. However things don’t always go the way you think (good or bad) and instead those positive feelings can too easily be replaced by fear, doubt and self limiting thoughts – yes, even I am not immune!

The good thing about continuing to push yourself to try and experience different things, is that it does get easier. The ‘no, I don’t think I can’ becomes ‘I did it’ and although you might not say these aloud (but that would be kind of cool), it is your internal self counting these wins.

I personally have found that reaching outside of your immediate comfort zone and trying something new may not instantaneously feel good but, oh man, looking back you’ll be happier knowing you at least tried something new and who knows, what might come out of it.

So, as you leap into 2020 have a think of some of the things you have be hesitating to try, do, or change, and dare yourself to try this year. Hell, I dare you.  What’s the worst that can happen (insert a wink here).

This year,  I have dared myself to take productivity to a new level.  With the move and balance between childcare, making a living, personal care and just living a little, I’ve changed a few things to ensure I get a little happier, healthier and wealthier each and every day in 2020.

I thought I would share these little changes I plan to undertake this year as it may be of inspiration to you too!

Taking your Agenda to the next level

Every night in bed I write down 2-4 simple goals that I want to achieve for the next day (and check of the ones I’ve achieved that day).  But the goals I write of are not ‘visit client XYZ’ or ‘buy toothpaste’ or ‘call mother’, which will get done anyway.

Here a few ‘wins’ I have already had:

  • Organize a virtual meeting with a training provider in Australia to see how we can collaborate
  • Talk to former manager in Australia to see if any opportunities will be coming up for coaching new IT graduates
  • Clean out my wardrobe and donate unused clothes to charity
  • Research and book 1 development course for myself
  • Plan and schedule 4 weekends away with my husband (book it in away time with your loved ones now – or it won’t happen)

Of course, you don’t have to do them all each day. You can even just do one if you want – the point is just to make sure that each day you are focused on achieving something that’s going to make you happier, or move you toward your big goals.

Come up with a Theme for the Year

2018 was ‘PASSION. Last year it was ‘WORK IT’. This year it’s ‘VALUE’. Having one word that keeps me focused throughout the year works. Ask any one of my closest friends and they will tell you I’ve been doing this for years!

Instead of New Years resolutions, I come up with at theme and then when faced with a decision, crossroad or just a lull, I think of my theme and the problem seems to solve itself.

I recommend you try it. What is your theme for 2020?

The Daily Shutdown

My business is mainly virtual and relies on me keeping contact and remaining rather flexible and contactable throughout the day.

So to keep some sort of sanity I have created a very simple shutdown routine. This is not new and I have changed it over the years but it goes a bit like this –

I close all the tabs I have open in my web browser, clean the desktop and shut down the computer. Then in my agenda I cross out my work priorities for the day and plan the next ones – then do a quick tidy around my desk which is often littered with notes, crumbs and half drunken beverages.

It sounds so simple, but having the separation between work and home has been helpful for me in 2019 and I plan to continue this routine this year.

Listen to a fantastic podcast I heard last year which prompted me to start this routine!

Work out your Net Worth

And finally … the start of the NY is the perfect time to look at your finances. I got this idea from a fantastic Australian financial coach I subscribe to yearly called the Barefoot Investor. Yes, I do pay money for coaching!

Every January, I check my net worth. I won’t look over it every week or month but subconsciously it gives me something to work towards. And knowing my net worth in the back of my mind helps me stay focused on earning and spending (!) small amounts of money wisely.

As my wise Greek mother says, a sack full of lentils won’t stay full if there is a hole in the bottom.

You can find some great online calculators to do this so take a few minutes now to fill it out. You can find the one I use here.

So there you have it, 4 things I have used and will continue to use to be incredibly productive this year. Do one or all four of these things to set the tone for the year and you will see what happens when a few small wins can compound to something huge!

Then call or drop me an email  – I would love to hear about them!

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