“We’re out all night to get lucky” -
Why do some people get all the ‘luck’

How to be lucky

How come some people get all the lucky breaks? All the luck, all the opportunities…annoying right!

Luck, chance, right place / right time – call it what you will but saying that ‘I’m lucky’, or ‘they get all the luck’ is all a bit too simple. 

I’ve been accused of being ‘lucky’ as if it was a dirty word. But it got me thinking how we might be able to  turn ‘Lady Luck’ towards us? 

Is there a way we can manipulate the system and ensure you are the next one to get that break you’ve been wanting? 

Read on to find out how you might be able to ‘get lucky’ in your career and business. 

1. You have to take a gamble to win (or lose)

Putting yourself out ‘there’. Where? 

Well, specifically everywhere! But more specifically,  in the places you may not realise. Putting your hat in the ring for that job, putting your hand up to volunteer, striking that conversation with a stranger at a bus stop may be that interaction that [is whatever you want your next step to take]. (Side note: I had a wonderful chat with a 20 something year old at my bus stop the other day – we connected on LinkedIn – who knows what’s next!)

Timid? No worries – just do things that make you more comfortable. How can you ‘get out there’ in your own way that makes you happy? 

Take the gamble and stretch to something new and different. You just never know what opportunity is around the corner. 

2. The ‘What’s the worst that can happen’ approach

Realistically, there is not a huge repercussion for taking small risks involving meeting new people, trying new skills and putting yourself in different situations. 

You hate it and never do it again. You get stuck talking to someone you don’t like for a while. You’re a bit more tired than usual studying a new skill. Big deal. Getting uncomfortable seems to attract a bit of luck – hey, what do you have to lose?

3. Meet diverse and interesting people

I listen to Rich Litvin’s Podcast who in his intro states, “If you’re the most interesting person in the room – you’re in the wrong room”. 

Listen, absorb, engage where you feel comfortable but the most important part is being part and getting in rooms where you can learn. Feel uncomfortable in the conversation (that you know nothing about and can’t contribute). 

Moving to a country where I couldn’t understand the language helped me. First I had no idea who was in the room, I couldn’t exactly ask with my pigeon french so I just focused on listening. Did I feel hopeless and not myself – yes. Was it hard to just ‘shut up’ and try to keep up with what was being said – sure. The result was I learned so much. Listened to the interactions, said and unsaid. 

What was the worst that could happen? Well, when I finally found the courage to speak and contribute to the conversation – the group would normally switch to English! It turns out they too were looking to speak to someone different and diverse and didn’t want language to get in the way. 

Where has lady luck found you? How do you put yourself in interesting situations to expand your knowledge, thinking and network? I’d love to hear about it. 

Article inspired by: Daft Punk – Get Lucky