Who Works With Us

The Large Organisation


Leadership Coaching and Young-Leader Mentorship

Specialising in coaching high potential employees, Elizabeth Pouret has a verified and experienced panel of ICF accredited coaches which can support your growing organisation.
Together we provide:

    • 1:1 or Group Executive and Leadership Coaching
    • Personality and Leadership Assessments (DiSC and MBTI)
    • Strategic Planning, Positioning Advisory, and Support Services including Vision, Mission, Key Value drivers, and Team Facilitation
    • A Coach-matching Service 
    • Organisational Reporting and Metrics


Change Management

Are you about to implement a large scale change?
Do you need an experienced change manager who can effectively deliver and  manage;

    • A communications and engagement strategy
    • A training needs assessment and associated tools training
    • A transition plan including business readiness assessment
    • A holistic change management plan which uses best practice methodology and tools
    • A collaborative approach to change which brings all stakeholders together


Information Technology Strategy Development

Building a doable and realistic IT strategy which is also innovative and aligned to the business objectives is not an easy task. Ask the help of one of our advisors to draft, review and socialise your new 3-5 year strategy which will take your organisation into the future.

    • Information and Technology Strategy development
    • Information and Data Governance 
    • IT service management training and overarching support strategy (ITIL)
    • Facilitation – workshopping to achieve outstanding results

Email admin@elizabethpoutet,com with an assignment brief and someone will get back to you to organise a time to talk further.

The Creative Business Owner

Are you in a creative business? A writer, an illustrator, jewelry designer, screen printer – the list continues. We all know you’re a little bit special. Your needs, your budgets are not always in-sync with the type of coaching and business advisory support you need. 

What I mean is your budget and what it costs to get the support you need are not the same. It’s all too expensive

But what if I was to tell you that I get you. I understand, and I got sick of turning away all the creative types because they couldn’t afford my services and access my knowledge.
We offer:

    • Affordable group webinar sessions where you can access and ICF coach for a quarter of the price.
    • Pre-recorded, self paced sessions aimed directly at the creatives (Coming Soon)
    • Workbooks and e-books to download and use for your business summarizing years of knowledge and resources.

Have a look at our online shop to access one of our resources today!

The Ambitious Leader

Overachievers have a few things in common. They know what they want, they have ideas on how to get there and they have a coach. Yes, that’s right. They have someone on their side to be that person of reason, the one to push them when they need to be pushed and who is there to listen when they need support. 

Open your eyes to possible limiting behaviours or amplifying existing leadership characteristics in a safe environment. Exploring some of these areas:

    • Learn more about yourself and what may be stopping you 
    • Transform your thinking and your perception of work and life around work
    • Find that balance you are seeking
    • Feel less busy whilst getting more done
    • Big picture and innovative  thinking to problem solve
    • Slowing down to speed up
    • Being or becoming your authentic self

Fill out this questionnaire to get started. Someone will get back to you to organise a time to talk further.

The Solo Startup

It sure is lonely when you decide to start your own business. Whether it’s a side hustle to pursue a dream or you are finally making that business idea into a reality, you will quickly realise that it is just you. You and you alone to make this dream come true and start generating income. What should you be doing first? What then? 

We help solo startups and solopreneurs get their feet firmly on the ground and support them with a solid plan of attack through the first 3-6 months of their business. We focus on, but are not limited to, the following areas

    • Business development and sales
    • Branding and Marketing
    • Your business plan on a page
    • Fitting your business around everything else 
    • Website audits and technology advice for start ups
    • Getting your first sale or clients
    • Networking and getting your business out there

We do this by either 1:1 coaching or targeted group webinars which walk through some of these key areas we found most solo startups face.

For 1:1 coaching sessions register for Business Building Workshop.

Or visit thegrowco.biz for more information on upcoming events or email us at admin@elizabethpouret or theteam@thegrowco.biz for more information.